Our quality and traceability is perfect because we control the entire chain.


Quality is paramount at Hemelaer at every phase of production. Quality for the customer, consumer, and animals. The HA quality mark guarantees sustainable products on your shelves or in your cold store with a combination of innovative technologies, full traceability, and strict standards.

Our certificates,
our promise

You could take our word for it. On the other hand, you can always rely on official certificates and important standards. Hemelaer is part of the Generic Beef Standards organisation (i.e. the GLR in BE), the successor to Meritus. We also have a:

  • BRC Grade A since 2006

  • ACS since 2012

  • FEBEV plus

  • GMP


  • own ERP system for labelling 
 and tracking since 2010

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Pioneer for an environmentally friendly sector

Our healthy ambition makes Hemelaer a pioneer in ensuring the meat processing sector becomes more sustainable. We do so by bringing together green technologies, economical systems, and smart machines at a single site. We are taking on this same pioneering role in the abattoir. Where the welfare and calmness of livestock are paramount.

With decades of experience combined with scientific expertise from home and abroad. The result: a state-of-the-art facility where the animals experience minimal stress. An asset for their own wellbeing and for the taste of the meat. Hemelaer continues to invest in its production lines and workflow. The aim is to slaughter animals in the best conditions, including independent monitoring.

  • In the short term, CO2-neutral production at the Temse site and lower emissions at the farms with modified animal feed.

  • Green power from your own windmill, which is supplemented with green electricity purchases.

  • Eliminating mains water using innovative water treatment, which is supplemented with rainwater.

  • Residual flows from other sectors are used in the production process.

  • Maximum processing of the slaughtered animals into usable products.

  • Bundled deliveries to avoid unnecessary kilometres on the road.

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Wind energy

A wind turbine on-site will provide the electricity for production from 2022 onwards. We provide our own energy for most of the year. If we do need extra power from the grid, we opt for green energy.

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Water purification

Our modern water treatment plant purifies 70% of the production water. Afterwards, it is recycled into pure drinking water and reused in our production process. The remaining 30% is supplemented by rainwater that is collected around the site and stored in basins.

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Optimal traceability

The route taken by each consumer package can be perfectly reconstructed from the meadow to the shop. To this end, Hemelaer has developed its own labelling and tracking system. An authorised veterinarian from the FASFC, SGS, or GLR checks the traceability at random. This is a double-check of a system that has already proven its reliability.

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Own transport

The quality products are delivered to the customers by full-time and experienced drivers. In strictly controlled and meticulously maintained refrigerated vehicles. So, you can count on continuous quality, even during transport. Delivered safely and quickly by staff with technical knowledge about the meat.

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