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Rich beef, processed to order for butchers, retailers, or wholesalers. Hemelaer combines quality and sustainability. From live cattle to end product.

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Rigorous vertical integration leads to short lines of communication and close monitoring. The meat is checked at each step in the production process. With high quality and full traceability as a promise at the end of the process. Hemelaer manages:

  • fattening and purchasing of live cattle

  • slaughtering and cutting up of cattle

  • processing customised the customer

  • transport and logistics

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People eat less but better meat. Hemelaer closely monitors the quality of its products. As a seller, you are assured to receive sustainable meat rich in flavour. And, of course, so do your customers. For 70 years, the team has meticulously selected animals and pieces to suit each customer's needs. With a penchant for the beautiful Belgian Blue and a passion for the trade.

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A pioneer in quality and sustainability. Hemelaer works with respect for people and animals. With pre-eminent technologies and an eye for innovation.

The brand-new abattoir in Temse focuses on animal welfare and is supported by expertise from home and abroad. For even better results.

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