We specialise in the supply of both female and male bovine animals of the 'Belgian Blue' breed.


At Hemelaer, you choose the highest quality standards and ambitious goals at every stage of production. A bold claim that we make without hesitation. How? By keeping the entire production in-house. From the farms to the lorry to your business premises.

This far-reaching vertical integration also ensures great flexibility and a personal service for our customers. Are you looking for a specific type of double-muscled meat in terms of marbling or taste? Do you prefer certain cutting methods or surprising packaging? Just say the word.

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The passion for the Belgian Blue

In Wallonia, the high Campine, or the Belgian coast: deep-rooted passion connects our livestock farmers. Love for the craft and wonder of the double-muscled Belgian Blue.

With the best care, a sophisticated diet, and sufficient exercise, they are the silent forces that lay the solid foundation for our quality products. In collaboration with our feed supplier and supported by Hemelaer's many years of expertise.

Daily monitoring of the welfare and health status of the livestock.

Reducing cattle emissions with modified feed.

Continuous monitoring of meat quality, also after slaughter. The colour, taste, and tenderness of the meat are mapped out to adjust the fattening phase as needed.

Feed analysis and feed reports lead to a more balanced diet with a perfect balance of fats, proteins, and raw materials.

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